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Comments from 53 years of satisfied customers throughout Canada and USA since 1968.
"It works, it´s wonderful!"
— Grace; BC 2016
"Unbelievably effective!"
— Pete; Ontario 2011
"Green before 'green' was in vogue."
— Lillian; BC 2010
"The best multi purpose cleaner by far!"
— Lori; AB 2010
"This stuff is sheer magic!"
— Jim; Alberta 2006
"Amazing cleaning power."
— Nancy; USA 2005
"Fabulous product"
— Dawn; MB 1995
"You only need one cleaner."
— Jeanne; Ontario 1975
"Spray Kleen is a miracle"
— Don; BC 1969
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   Spray Kleen.   It works.   It is wonderful!   Grace G. Vancouver, BC 2016

   ... heard of Spray Kleen since its beginning and I always had a bottle in my house for cleaning purposes. In 1995 my grandchildren spilled butter on my new white hallway carpet. I immediately grabbed the Spray Kleen bottle and sprayed the spot, then gently rubbed the area with a cloth until it disappeared and looked like new; it NEVER reappeared. Ever since then I have used Spray Kleen for all household cleaning, as well my husband uses it for cleaning the tires and the interior of the car. I am so glad I can purchase it other than at IGA which recently closed its doors.   I recommend Spray Kleen to everyone.   I can´t live without it.   Gale P. Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows, BC 2015

   Bless you Spray Kleen. I was opening a jar of pickled beets when it slipped from my hand into the sink and sent the juice skyward. It was on our white window trim, blinds, ceramic tile, counter top, light switches, cupboards ... just about every imaginable surface within three feet ... it didn't reach the ceiling thank goodness. I grabbed my bottle of Spray Kleen and blasted it on everything. It immediately neutralized the stains and within several minutes everything was back to normal. What can be worse than beet juice? Thanks to Spray Kleen it's all gone.   Pamela B. Coalhurst, AB

   An all-purpose cleaner that is just unbelievably effective no matter what I want to clean.   Pete M. Toronto ON 2011

   I have been using your product for at least twenty years. We recently did a major renovation to our business ... While waiting for funding for new lobby seating, I decided to try to clean the existing seating as its vinyl was very dirty looking. Spray Kleen and a scrub brush, a bucket of water and a cloth/towel to wipe, and AMAZING results! As a result, we are NOT going to replace all of the seating, but repair the few that have torn vinyl, SAVING US THOUSANDS of dollars! I tell anyone who will listen! Spray Kleen rocks!   Wayne T. Calgary, AB

   Spray Kleen was green before people started talking about 'green'.   Lilian Abbotsford BC 2010

   I found it on the shelves in the natural health section. I was thrilled - this is the best multi purpose cleaner by far!   Lori Lethbridge AB 2010

   I have used Spray Kleen for approx 30 years. It is the ONLY cleaner I use for EVERYTHING - I LOVE IT!   It is non-toxic and odour free to my two cats and my grandchildren.   I have bragged to my family, friends, and workmates about it.   It is one of my favourite things to put into a "Welcome to your new home" basket.   Anita Richmond, BC

   I cannot say enough about your product! My Mother began using your product since it first came out in '68 and I was born in '69. I have known it all my life and there is absolutely nothing out there that comes even close. I use it on everything and you do not need to rinse afterward because it leaves no soapy residue. Once you spray it you better start wiping fast because it cuts through the grime almost faster than you can wipe! In "My Big Greek Wedding" they use Windex for everything but in "My Big Greek Life" it is Spray Kleen that cures everything. Everyone needs to know about Spray Kleen.   Leslie Rocky Mountain House, AB

   I have used Spray Kleen for 30 years, in particular for laundry under-arm yellowing and deodorant stains, collars, sleeves and other tough stains. Your product beats anything on the shelf. Thanks for an excellent cleaner.   Leona Saskatoon, SK 2008

   ... rental house carpets were so dirty I thought for sure I would have to replace them. I used your wonderful product, just in case they could be salvaged, and am delighted to say they came out spotlessly clean! I have used your product since 1969 and wouldn't even consider using a competitive brand. Keep up the good work!   Bonnie Tsawassen, BC 2008

   Spray Kleen has made my housework so easy, I spray it on a stain and it is gone. In the past I used lemon and salt and brass cleaner to clean my 100-year old brass coal scuttle. I decided to see what Spray Kleen would do. I couldn't believe my eyes!  What a clean, beautiful, shine my scuttle has.   Marge Vancouver, BC 2008

   I love that Spray Kleen. It takes out stains that other cleaners don't touch.   Linda Dufresne, MB 2007

   The magical household cleaner. Simply the best cleaner we've ever used. Out cleans others ten to one. Great in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.   Dorothy Winnipeg, MB 2007

   Lily pollen is one of the worst stains one can have. Let's try Spray Kleen ... the stains came out with very little effort.   This stuff is sheer magic!   Jim Edmonton, AB 2006

   Used spray kleen since early 1970. I use it for bathroom, kitchen, car, etc. It has never failed to do the job for me. It is the best out there and fairly priced.   Extremely Happy Jan 2006

   Spray Kleen is the best all purpose cleaner. That is all I use.   Mrs. CBF Squamish, BC 2005

   We use this product to clean our aircraft, and are more than satisfied with the results. Its nice to find an enviromentally friendly product that works on tough grease and dirt, and rinses streak-free. We highly recommend it.   Business in Kelowna May 2005

   I have used Spray Kleen since the 1970`s, it is the best all-purpose cleaner available. I keep it handy for all everyday cleaning tasks and it doesn`t let me down on those special tough cleaning jobs. Just a great product!   Mrs S. Winnipeg, MB 2005

   I can't say enough about it's amazing cleaning power. It helped me raise four children and keep my sanity. I need my Spray Kleen!   Nancy USA 2005

   I have been an avid user of Spray Kleen since the late 1970s.   I use it for everything, it's especially great for scuff marks on floors and greasy/dirty finger marks on walls. I tried some of the major competitor cleaners, and found they did not even come close to the cleaning power of Spray Kleen.   Sue Edmonton, AB 2004

   I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever responded to a consumer product, however I had to let you know that I was truly amazed by your 'Spray Kleen'. I quit smoking and decided I would clean everything in my house. I used your product and it removed stains that I didn't know where not permanent, areas that were stained when I moved in four years ago and that I had cleaned constantly since. Anyway, just thought I would let you know how pleased I was.   Cate Victoria, BC 2001

    Husband wants it.   Kirsti Bathhurst, NB 1999

   I use Spray Kleen to clean and shine absolutely everything ... house, trailor, car, patio ...   Thank you all for the greatest cleaner of our time.   I can not say enough about this fabulous product.   Dawn Winnipeg, MB 1995

   The best tribute to your fantastic product is ... While we were away, our puppy managed to get nice blue ink on our oriental cream coloured carpet. We were horrified. Called a cleaning company ... the man came, saw, and shook his head offering little hope. He tried for awhile but left, stain still on the carpet, very noticeable. By this time I figured "what have I got to loose?".  I got out my bottle of Spray Kleen, poured some in a glass undiluted, found a white towel and proceeded to attack the ink. Five minutes later it was gone! you would never have known it was there, and yes the ink did come out of the towel, a little Spray Kleen in the wash was all it took. Thank you for a wonderful product, I always keep it nearby, you never know what may need a little extra help to get clean.   Betty Surrey, BC 1994

   I am a proud homemaker, my floors gleam, stoves walls and floors shine, carpets look fresh, laundry sparks, cars are clean inside and out, all from the one "Spray Kleen" ... you only need one cleaner!   Jeanne Ontario 1975

   I show all my friends how marvelous Spray Kleen is. Even the upholstery in our car. When I washed walls my hands used to be really sore afterwards, but not with Spray Kleen and I have a much better job, and no streaks or marks.  Thank you for such a wonderful product.   Mrs S Alberta 1973

   I have tried all types of cleaners ... your product Spray Kleen is a miracle.  I'll never stop raving about it.   Don't ever stop making your product.   Don British Columbia 1969
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